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Krypton Podcast

Aug 3, 2018

SYFY series Krypton returned to San Diego Comic-Con for its second year, as the series' cast and producers looked back on the Superman prequel's first season and spilled some secrets about what we might see in Season 2. DC TV Podcasts participated in the press room for Krypton this year where Lacy Baugher (of Krypton Podcast) chatted with the cast at the round tables to discuss the series.

Krypton star Ann Ogbomo, who plays Jayna Zod, sat down to discuss how Jayna changed during Season 1. During the interview, Ogbomo discussed:

  • How complicated -- and physical -- the role of Jayna is
  • Jayna's struggle with the ideas of duty vs family in Season 1
  • How Jayna's Season 2 journey is ultimately a story about figuring out what she believes in now

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