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Krypton Podcast

Aug 3, 2018

SYFY series Krypton returned to San Diego Comic-Con for its second year, as the series' cast and producers looked back on the Superman prequel's first season and spilled some secrets about what we might see in Season 2. Krypton Podcast/DC TV Podcasts participated in the press room for Krypton this year where Lacy Baugher (of Krypton Podcast) chatted with the cast at the roundtables to discuss the series.

Krypton star Shaun Sipos, who plays time-traveler Adam Strange, was present and offered up some thoughts on his character's journey throughout the series' first season. During the roundtable interview, Sipos discussed:

  • Adam's role as spokesperson for humanity on Superman's home planet.
  • The genuinely collaborative feeling that surrounds the series, specifically, and the Superman mythology, generally
  • Adam's Season 2 journey as a type of "rebirth" for the character
  • An Alanna mention!
  • Adam's sexuality and whether we might see the character fully represented as bisexual at any point. (This answer is at the very end - and make sure you stick around for it, because while it may not be exactly what you want to hear, it is truly awesome.)

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